Micro Focus UFT - What do you think of my solution?

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I wanted a way of referencing an object within the UFT Object Repository starting from a spreadsheet.

Most solutions I’ve seen do something like this…

Dim objectFromOR = DataTable(“Object”, dtLocalSheet)

Dim objectValue= DataTable(“Value”, dtLocalSheet)

Browser(“Main Browser”).Page(“SB Admin 2 - Login”).WebEdit(objectFromOR).set objectValue 

If I know the specific object name (logical name), why do I have to specify its Browser, Page, and Object class to interact with it???

IMO, this takes away from what can be accomplished with descriptive programming.

Here is a function that allows me to simply specify an object’s Logical Name and have it return an interactive object (one that I can “set” or “click”)

Function buildDescFromRepo(inObjectString)

    Dim RepositoryFrom

    Dim TOCollection

    Dim TestObject

    Dim localProperties

    Dim i


    ‘Creating Object Repository  utility Object

    Set RepositoryFrom = CreateObject(“Mercury.ObjectRepositoryUtil”)


    ‘Load Object Repository

    ‘The ObjectRepositoryPath variable was set globaly

    RepositoryFrom.Load ObjectRepositoryPath

    Set TOCollection = RepositoryFrom.GetAllObjects()


    For i = 0 To TOCollection.Count - 1

        Set TestObject = TOCollection.Item(i)

        print TestObject.GetTOProperty(“TestObjName”)

        If RepositoryFrom.GetLogicalName(TestObject) = inObjectString Then

            Set localProperties = Description.Create()

            ‘A sub function that helps parse the descriptive properties

            parseProperties TestObject, localProperties

            Set buildDescFromRepo = localProperties

        End If



End Function


Sub parseProperties(testObject, in_localProperties)

    Dim i

    Dim PropertiesCol

    Dim ObjectProperty


    Set PropertiesCol=testObject.GetTOProperties

    ‘This gets us all the descriptive properties listed in the OR for the object

    For i=0 to PropertiesCol.count-1

        Set ObjectProperty=PropertiesCol.Item(i)  

        in_localProperties(ObjectProperty.name).Value = ObjectProperty.value           


End Sub

Now the code that interacts with the object looks like this…


set genericScreen = Browser(“CreationTime:=0”).Page(“index:=0”) ‘a generic browser and page

set getObjDesc = buildDescFromRepo(dict.Item(“Object”)) ‘Call to the above function that returns the object description. The logical name was passed in.

set objectFromOR = genericScreen.ChildObjects(getObjDesc) ‘Query the generic browser/page with the returned object description. Now we have the interactive object!


objectFromOR.set “Hello World!”


Notice I have combined descriptive programming for the Browser and Page and I’ve removed the need to specify the interactive object’s class (WebEdit, etc.) I only have to specify its logical name and the routine figures out the rest!

As a next step, I can leverage this ability within a Keyword Framework to keep my coding minimal and manage all objects in the repository without updating code. The generic nature also makes this capability reusable on any web app.

Let me know what you think!!


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