Trident Test

Test Automation

Accelerate release cycles by automating tests on multiple browser, OS, and device combinations in parallel

Test on the Platforms Your Users Use Most

Access real browsers, OS’, and device combinations, giving you complete test coverage for your websites and web applications.

Run Tests in Parallel and Reduce Test Times

Reduce your testing time and speed up releases by running 1000s of tests in parallel across all device combinations.

Create One Test, Automate Across All Browsers

Choose scriptless or scripted test automation using Selenium, and execute single test scripts across multiple browsers and platforms. Increase test coverage, and find and fix issues across platforms faster.

Eliminate the Hassle of Maintaining Your Own VMs and Device Labs

Run your tests securely and reliably in the FogChain Grid, third-party device labs (ie. AWS DeviceFarm, BrowserStack, and others), securely on-premise behind your firewall via USB, or in a hybrid cloud. Easily incorporate whatever device-mix you want.

Continuously Test by Seamlessly Integrating into Your CI/CD Process

Leverage your team’s favorite continuous integration and delivery tools, including Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, GitLab, CircleCI, and more.

Enable Teams Across Your Organization

  • Test your code against the browsers, OS’, and device combinations your users use most without the hassle of maintaining your own grid.
  • Easily update objects for testing. Code changes are inevitable but they don’t need to break your tests.
  • Test continuously with automated testing running in parallel using Jenkins and other CI tools, so you can deploy faster and without bugs
  • Increase productivity by getting continuous feedback and immediate notification when you have code or integration errors.
  • Create test scripts without writing a single line of code, and reuse scripts across platforms, and both desktop and mobile devices.
  • And test recipes?
  • Save time by running tests in parallel on real devices in the secure FogChain cloud. Save the headache of managing a device lab, too.
  • Spend less time finding bugs with step-by-step test screenshots and video recordings
  • Rest assured that as code is being continuously integrated into the main code base, it’s being continuously tested across browsers, OS’, and devices, too.
  • Ensure developers are meeting business requirements with immediate and automated test results.
  • Keep the pipeline moving fast, accurately, and continuously.
  • Accelerate time to market, pushing execution through for quick feedback from business teams.
  • Get the insights you need as soon as websites and web applications are ready to be deployed into production.

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