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Build with RadJav

The RadJav development engine enables developers of all kinds and skill levels to easily create desktop, mobile and HTML5 applications using the same code. With the ease of development and ubiquitizing both the OS and device layer – you can Develop Once and Deploy everywhere using the same codebase. Download Now.


Utilizing FogChain’s compute platform and RadJav’s development engine (licensed by FogChain) and Blockchain - launching your app on a secure and robust network has never been easier.

Set up your own HTTP/HTTPS server, Websocket server and utilize raw TCP/UDP socket communications over IPv4 and IPv6 to launch with confidence.

RadJav Blockchain

The RadJav Blockchain was built by application developers for application developers to provide a seamless environment to build and deploy applications across the web, desktop, or any mobile device.

Utilizing the best of breed methodologies and design parameters to build a unique and robust blockchain platform, RadJav focuses on speed, transaction throughput, and security and completely disrupts traditional application development and deployment models while establishing the next frontier in what a blockchain technology platform can be.