Build With Confidence

What is Fog Computing?

Fog Computing utilizes decentralized and distributed computing resources and application services which are closer to the Edge, or actual point of use. Imagine if every corner had a cell phone repeater “in the Fog” - we would never drop a call. Fog is the most efficient network methodology to support fast transmission speeds, computing resources and utilization of storage, at large scale.

Benefits of Fog Computing

  • - Can leverage underutilized resources lowering costs
  • - Can leverage crowd computing expanding reach and scale
  • - Reduces data that needs to be transferred to the cloud thus improving security and performance
  • - Cloud is like having your car controlled from a computer miles away vs. the Fog which is like having the computer onboard - imagine the latency
  • - Integrates with the latest technologies including IoT, BlockChain, 3D & Virtual Reality engines, as well as analytics tools

Why FogChain?

“Build Once – Deploy Everywhere”

With the recent explosive demand for more edge computing and security within the Micro-Service and IoT space, FogChain's platform and software tool kit leverages the best of both worlds. The inherent security of blockchain combined with the ubiquity and performance of the Fog is the only logical and scalable path.

Led by a team of Enterprise Software, Cloud and SaaS veterans - FogChain is developing its platform and software suite for consumer and enterprise customers to perform:

  • - Continuous Software Development
  • - Continuous Integration
  • - Continuous Deployment

FogChain’s platform and software suite allows organizations to capitalize on the unlimited availability of decentralized resources, providing instant access to a scalable compute and storage environment specifically designed for software development, all wrapped in a secure Blockchain layer.

Just as the Internet provided the conduit to and democratized information for everyone, FogChain provides an easily accessible turn-key Software Development platform, and commercial-grade Application Lifecycle Management resources to developers, CIOs and CTOs on a global scale.